with Basic American civics

8th Grade

Instructional Video for Course


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Required Course Material: 

  1. US Constitution & Declaration of Independence -digital copies or paper copies PDF LINK

  2. Holy Bible KJV -digital or paper copy ONLINE LINK

  3. Maps -online access or paper copies of individual States, the United States, North America and World maps UT LINK, blank World Map, blank US map

  4. Ability to access the Internet on a smartphone or desktop computer, access to a printer for paper copies and the ability to stream pre-recorded videos. (LIVE streaming is not required and will not be used)

  5. ALL instruction is delivered through the video lecture and slide presentation.  Note-taking is highly recommended. Quizzes and Exams will be accessible through Google form links. 

Supplemental Reading List:  


fall 2018

  1. Pilgrim Courage (William Bradford firsthand account); Smith, E. Brooks & Meredith, Robert; Little Brown and Company, Boston, 1962.  LINK

  2. Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates; Kilmeade, Brian; Sentinel Penguin Random House LLC; 2015. LINK

  3. Red Badge of Courage; Crane, Stephen; Airmont Books, New York, 1962.  LINK

  4. Frontier Teachers: Stories of Heroic Women of the Old West; Enss, West; The Globe Pequot Press, 2008. LINK


spring 2019

To be announced...