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The initial round judging is in progress and the finalists will be contacted.

GW Bridge Academy

presents the

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Article V Amendment

High School Scholarship Competition

11th and 12th grade Texas high school students from

public * charter * private * home

schools are eligible.

Scholarship Award

The Young Patriots Scholarship Fund managed by Helping Hands Charitable will award a

$1,000 scholarship

to the

1st Place Winner of the Final Round of competition.  

Any donations received before the Final Round will be used to increase the award and/or include 2nd and 3rd place scholarships.



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The purpose of this competition is to encourage young Americans to consider their ability to influence the outcome of their future in a constitutional republic.  You have a voice and you have the freedom to determine how your government will serve the nation.  This competition is designed to encourage you to propose an amendment to the US Constitution -one that you deem necessary to the preservation of the founding principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution


For example, this directive can be interpreted to address the $21,000,000,000,000 (trillion) debt you are facing as a burgeoning workforce of the future. (US Debt Clock link)  This immense burden heaved upon you by the United States Congress is both unnecessary and irresponsible.  Your government should never have allowed this debt to threaten your future.

A second example is the disregard for the Rule of Law.  When a state passes a law to protect its residents and a single federal judge is allowed to decide that an entire state's decision is unconstitutional, this federal legal action creates a barrier between the will of the state and its ability to protect its residents.  This judicial over-reach threatens compliance with the Supremacy Clause of Article VI of the US Constitution and our federal immigration laws. (Sanctuary City ban in Texas threatened)


If you are interested in making your voice heard by participating in the drafting of an amendment to the US Constitution and sharpening your own position on constitutional issues, please consider this competition your platform for freedom.  We are securing the participation of several highly-qualified individuals to serve on the Qualifying Panel and the Final Round panel of judges. 


Suggested references for your research: 

Bill of Rights document -drafted by James Madison as the first amendments to the US Constitution

Article V Convention simulation proposed amendments

The Liberty Amendments, Chapter 1, Mark Levin

Texas Governor Abbott's Restoring the Rule of Law

Gregory Watson: student advocate for ratification of the 27th Amendment


On Constitution Day 2018

Governor Abbott

explained How Article V can be used to propose amendments to the Constitution.

Federalism case: Garcia vs. San Antonio Metro Transit Authority

For more direct contact, please email or call:

Melanie Kriewaldt


Competition Dates and Location:


Submissions Deadline:

September 21, 2018  11:59 PM CST


Finalists Announced (no later than) October 12, 2018.

Final Round Event Date: October 26, 2018


The Final Round will be held at: 

Faith Academy, Marble Falls, Texas



qualifying competitors:

Submissions are open to all Texas high school 11th and 12th grade students under the age of 20.  All competitors must be attending a Texas public, charter, private school or homeschool. 


An independent panel will judge all rounds of competition.

Convention of States interview…

*14 minutes into the video

GW Bridge Academy’s Melanie Kriewaldt


Faith Academy’s Celia Merrill

explain how the Article V Amendment Scholarship Competition works.