GW Bridge Academy

presents the



a TExas High School ENTREPRENEURIAL Scholarship Competition

11th and 12th grade Texas high school students from

public * charter * private * home

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Scholarship Award

The Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Fund managed by Helping Hands Charitable will award a

$TBD scholarship

to the

Winners of the Final Round of competition.  

Requests for Donations

to the


(501c3 tax exempt donation)

Funding Goal: $10,000


This scholarship fund is a 501c3 tax exempt donation, and is administered and maintained by Helping Hands Charitable which oversees the collection of the donations and the distribution of the awards. GW Bridge Academy awards the scholarships based on the results of the competition and Helping Hands Charitable works directly with the universities and colleges of the student choice to ensure the full award is used for the intended purposes. Collected funds will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners from Texas high school 11t h and 12t h graders attending a public, charter, private, or home school. All scholarships will be paid to the university or college where the winning students are accepted and enrolled. Awarded funds will be applied to qualified educational expenses.**

*Unless you request an anonymous donation, all donors to the scholarship fund will be prominently displayed in promotions and at the final competition event.
** We proudly make known that 90% of our collected funds will directly benefit the students. We reserve 10% of the funds for operational expenses, in order to prepare a fair and well-coordinated competition.

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of the

Shark Tank

High School Entrepreneurial Scholarship Competition

Spring 2020 @ Faith Academy in Marble Falls, Texas

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Scholarship Competition Details

GW Bridge Academy offers an Online American Civics Education Platform featuring video-lecture based curriculum that teaches American Government, Free Market Economics and American History.

GW Bridge Academy organizes two different scholarship competitions open to all Texas high school 11th & 12th graders attending public, charter, private or home schools. The competition awards the top three (3) finishers with financial scholarships to fund their respective academic or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Article V Amendment Competition scholarships are awarded from the Young Patriots Scholarship Fund

Shark Tank Competition scholarships are awarded from the Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Fund

Shark Tank Scholarship Competition: This event is held biennially in the spring semester and focuses on promoting free market economics and American entrepreneurship. It is structured very similarly to ABC’s “Shark Tank” show where students present a developed product or business idea.

  1. Entrants present an original product, service or technological innovation.

  2. The idea must display uniqueness in the market, have a prototype available for inspection, offer a pricing schedule, show target market research, and reveal extensive research and development as to its viability in the real open market.

  3. The Qualifying Round panel selects finalists who have created an original product, service or innovation, created a prototype if applicable, shown pricing schedules and a target market, and demonstrated “trial and error” research on their idea’s real-world viability.

  4. The Final Round will consist of a panel of judges comprised of successful entrepreneurs and US Patent holders with established backgrounds in engineering, marketing, advertising and/or business. The judges are tasked with evaluating the finalists and choosing the three winners. Finalists will present their product, service or technological invention, live and in-person and field questions from the panel of judges on originality, functionality, pricing, marketing, and real market viability.

Competition Date & Location: the final round event will be held in April of the spring semester, and hosted by

Faith Academy 3151 E. FM 1431, MarbleFalls, Texas 78654.


For more direct contact, please email or call:

Melanie Kriewaldt


Competition Dates and Location:


Submissions Deadline:

Spring 2020


Finalists Contacted (no later than) TBD

Final Round Event Date: TBD


The Final Round will be held at: 

Faith Academy, 3151 E FM 1431, Marble Falls, TX 78654



qualifying competitors:

Submissions are open to all Texas high school 11th and 12th grade students under the age of 20.  All competitors must be attending a Texas public, charter, private school or homeschool. 


An independent panel will judge all rounds of competition.